These moments show why youtubers need thumbnail artists (like holy crap they suck!! lmao) -

These moments show why youtubers need thumbnail artists (like holy crap they suck!! lmao)

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Hopefully i did better with showing the words before cutting away and you guys wont be mad at me this time 🙂 Enjoy the video! – Also thanks to Marcel for making this thumb for me

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-» Outro music by Yung Gravy

-» and by bbno$

» Song – BOOMIN

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  1. I was about to say "wow there's no Vanoss with the gang"

  2. ay you better use some of them new jams from bbno$'s new album in your next vids

  3. What is the planet trick that they were talking about at the end?

  4. What if nogla had a brain bigger than my left nut? Maybe he'd be better

  5. 7:51

    Smii7y would die out of laughter it you would say "use your imagination for This one"

    Wait that would get you demonetized

  6. That weird moment I said “neptune” at the same time as John while I was watching this video 😂

  7. Pluto is not a planet. Sorry American guys but nope.

  8. where tf is mercury and wtf is after earth

  9. Go check out my latest vid! It's not the best but yknow itd be pretty cool!

  10. Nogla fricken kills me xD love you guys

  11. remember when einstein taught about anime titties in second grade

  12. Drake and Josh taught me the order of the planets, get woke boomers.

  13. There were a couple of throwbacks in this one, I was ready to hear you say 'use your imagination for this one'.

    I love it when you play Scribblio man!

  14. Ayyyee a monetized video, way to go Kryboy gayman!

  15. Would you ever make another cards against humanity video? 😊

  16. 7:50 If John woulda said use your imagination for this one boys, Smii7y woulda answered it immediately

  17. im from singapore and i would like to thank you guys for representing my ocuntry liek that i wish its our flag now

  18. Kim Jong-Un = Yin and Yang

    woah never knew Koreans and Chinese had the same culture

  19. Someone tell wildcat that Jupiter is bigger than Saturn

  20. I think I successfully watched everyone's perspective!

  21. Should have been called, skribblio moments but the word is given away on accident and it ruins the whole round

  22. Are you planning on playing golf it anytime soon? if so, i have a challenge for you. Try to use code words for swearing, for example
    F.U.C.K – friendly undercover cop king
    S.H.I.T – Shifting hue in tunnels

  23. Song name? Can’t find it anywhere on hung gravy’s Spotify

  24. Are you smi7y or do you just do things at the same time he does coincidentally

  25. I love you Kryoz. Join my clan in World of Warcraft

  26. Gasp an ad looks like kryoz found out how to get monetized

  27. I meaaan you do still write on the opposite side (not the image side duh) of a postcard

  28. zιρρєя 『Aɳιɱαʅ ƈɾσʂʂιɳɠ!』 says:

    Kyroz lowkey dissing everyone in this video with that title. I-

  29. Lowkey dissapointed he didn't say "use your imagination for this one" 7:50

  30. I watch these on the toilet to help me laugh so hard I shit. Thanks Kryoz, you cured my constipation.

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