This looks EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie... ( Funny Moments) -

This looks EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie… ( Funny Moments)

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  1. I fucking hate electric cars. They r retarded. Gas cars (regular) are better

  2. I got a penis add no lie it’s about how ur pants make your penis tight

  3. If only you had vanoss you would have the whole squad

  4. marcel : ITS A FUCKIN NUN

    me – input sister act soundtrack album

  5. 3:00 marcel yells i dont watch fucking childrens shows

    Also marcel in a fortnite video: my favorite show is gumball

  6. 4:00

    Sorry I just needed this so I can keep listening to that

  7. Wildcat: Draws Angelina Jolie
    Marcel: NICKI MINAJ

  8. The fact that some of them couldn’t get Peppa Pig mentally hurt me

  9. 6:50 the moon should be I. The center of the sky as well as the clock being off.

  10. “I didn’t know there was a statue of Dobby in Egypt!” 😂😂😂

  11. It’s 2 in the morning and I have school at 5 and I don’t care

  12. Alabama-Gluaiseacht Saoirse na hÉireann says:

    3 people in this group are gone, 2 of the 8 people in this video turned their backs on the whole group, and 1 supports a domestic terrorist group, sad.

  13. They made fun of the photoshop drawing but idk about y’all, I woulda actually guessed it

  14. when tyler was drawing angelina jolie he could have said tomb raider while was drawing it lol

  15. In an interesting twist of fate, in an attempt to depict Lord Voldemort's lack of a nose, simple art styles such as Marcel's or Lego's end up depicting Voldemort as the only character with a defined nose.

  16. should have told them F off sun dials work at night the moon is a light source ya donkeys

  17. To think Craig was trying to get with minors during this time

  18. Far as I know ( might be wrong ) motorbike is what Europeans say… I've never heard it said seriously in the usa

  19. Seeing miniladd in here gives me perv vibes

  20. I’m not the only one that’s binge watching the skribblio videos right???

  21. “Where do I start with this?”
    “Usually the key”

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