This drawing is not what it looks like -

This drawing is not what it looks like

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No one reads this far into the description…what are you doing snooping around…



  1. Been a while. Good to see homer hasn't improved in the slightest 😂😂

  2. What does callaway have to do with ridge wallets? Aren't they busy with their supercomputer

  3. I didn't know Mr Popo was considered offensive 😂

  4. They better thank god vanos wasn’t in this session

  5. I could wear the ass ass in shirt for sure


  7. i love how half the video chap played with a complete random group💀💀💀💀

  8. i need blarg, nogla and this group to do a vid together xD.

  9. Bro, the autism came in clutch, i got sports car IMMEDIATELY.

  10. I love Marksman and his content and then I loved Wilcats and Vanoss crew content…both of them from long time ago but now that Wildcat and Marksman have been friends for a long time now im extremely glad they still upload and play games/make content together the best Duo.

  11. Moo saying "it's actually a yardstick" sent me

  12. "Hey honey, can you go to the store and grab me some V + N word Chips?" 🤣

  13. Hey for the mix Pokemon do snorlax with the 7 eggs

  14. have a nice day all
    have a great day

  15. Anyone knows that between 4 and 3 there is 2…..why they didn't say anything about it!

  16. Please play this with speedy and side they make this insane

  17. @12:38 that’s best personification of my bar “I’m YGK The Assassin double the ASS double the sin.” Thank you I am wildcat! 😂😂

  18. It’s been so many years and I wonder if wildcat & vanoss remembers the name of wildcats new band “bullet ploof grass” miss that shxt 😭

  19. You gotta think Chap was in another session listening to your guy's commentary and yet he still didn't notice what you were saying had nothing to do with what was being drawn in his game.

  20. Wildcat I think u should change ur logo to the same thing but the pig with a helmet has a beard

  21. Now I feel slow because sports car was the only one I got in the first few seconds and everyone else got it wrong

  22. 13:00 i think that is the most risky drawing I ever seen on skribblio 😂

  23. For vinegar, i was expecting a super black Vin Diesel 😅

  24. Salt and vinegar chips>> 👏🏻👏🏻💯

  25. 0:32 cod ww2 is the only cod that had true map choices. you had 2 to choose from, and if you didnt want either you could just choose classified and if enough players vote for any of those options then that map will be played. actually scratch my first sentence. bo2 also had the same thing but cod ww2 has way more maps, 24 to be exact.

  26. Are we not gonna talk about Moo, the supossedly "PC" one, drawing a guy thinking about a guy putting a toaster in water? My guess is for suicidal purposes 😅

  27. Bro why is Mr. Popo into leashing people 😂

  28. Nick's been playing too much CoD, as seen in his guessing habits…

  29. Marksman’s guesses were just making me laugh too hard 😂😂😂😂

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