Top G Moments For Alpha Males Only -

Top G Moments For Alpha Males Only

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  1. Moo when you said "You're thinking too literal!" during the BasicallyIDo__ segment was hilarious! My sides hurt from laughing! xDD

  2. So no friends in this video, Brock? (Description)
    Is this a mistake or shade?

  3. "The worst type of men is a woMen" -me

    Im joking

  4. moo could you maybe zoom in a bit more… watching this on phone wasnt the best lol, especially trying to see the chat :p

  5. Dang no friends listed in the description? @Moo

  6. Moo's editor wanted Moo to get in on the Marcel joke. Cuts to a segment where Brock types watermelon.

  7. This is the Moo we need and want!!! 💪 Get it bro.

  8. 9:55 that was next level drawing by Wildcat 😂😂

  9. I thought the pencil was a box cutter lol

  10. For the Andrew Tate one you could have just drawn a vagina because he's the biggest c*nt around…

  11. Basicallyidodark

    Please let marcel see this joke

  12. only moo & wildkat
    what happened to the rest?

  13. I wanna play scribble io now I’m going to when I get home from work

  14. do you really hate Andrew Tate that much ?

  15. Dude someone show marcel this! Around 4 mins 10 secs!

  16. "assassin" one is pretty dang clever, Vanoss would be proud

  17. The assassin part got me good 😂😂😂😂

  18. Is a that homer version of Andrew Tate?😂😂

  19. I actually learned how to spell assassin bc of ass ass in

  20. Moo using big brain at the beginning

  21. after I saw say 4:00 I TOTALLY want to see Marcel and maybe Scotty or Panda react to this lol … BASICALLY IDODARK ROFL

  22. Am I an alpha Male for being apart of the dad squad?

  23. This video made Marksmen look REALLY dumb.

  24. 5:53 THAT DRAWING IS OUTRAGEOUS mfk looks like a toe or beanos😭

  25. Isn't it common for a lightbulb on top of a persons head be recognized as "idea"? Was confused what the THOUGHT BUBBLE was doing there lol

  26. Strange, I see no alpha or males to be found in the video

  27. I need to see more of the Crew bashing on Andrew Tate

  28. moo is the last thing from a man harldy works and bitches the most lol 😀 😀

  29. Dang it Moo! I want some of your merchandise but it's the same as it's always been. When we getting some new merchandise my guy?

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