VINCENT VAN TOONZ! | (w/ Vanoss, Moo, Ohm, & Terroriser) -

VINCENT VAN TOONZ! | (w/ Vanoss, Moo, Ohm, & Terroriser)

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  1. @CaRtOoNz you should play break the internet again that was really cool

  2. Ok u guys are deffinetly banned from playın scribble again… Eternally 😂

  3. I knew it. Teddy Bear pops up and he automatically picks it and includes delirious

  4. Where’s the spider man episodes at @CaRtOoNz

  5. you never see cartoonz evan and brian in the same video what is going on

  6. Quote of the week provided by Ohm. "Scarecrows don't protect lettuce".

  7. I guessed Attic almost immediately btw. Oh i almost forgot….

    TEDDY BEAR! Oh my god.

  8. you need to play more with vanoss and brian!


  10. Crows don't go after lettuce they go after corn

  11. The fact that they can scream, swear at and yell at each other, then 10 seconds later help each other means they are great friends.

  12. The Eiffel tower part is hilarious 😂😂

  13. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying😂😂😂. Wonderful video!

  14. Why do you guys keep typing the same answer that someone else already typed that you know isn't the answer

  15. My stomach was in pain every time I laugh. Thanks guys for hurting me DX

  16. Fun fact French fries are not French

  17. Play ultimate marvel vs. Capcom 3 with delirious plz

  18. SPOILERS!!!

    I can literally hear Delirious yelling "TEDDY BEAR"!!!
    🤡 ❤️ 🐻 14:00

  19. Toonz and Vanoss? unlikely pairing, I like it.

  20. I grew up on a farm. Scarecrows are for mainly corn. never lettuce. Crows don't eat lettuce. Maybe rabbits and if they do, that's news to me.

  21. Vincent van go more like Vincent van no (sorry😔)

  22. "It's Disney coming to a cinema near you" lol fucking love terrorizer

  23. I how kind of slow Evan is to almost every drawing but he knows delirious soooo fast!

  24. Don't know if it was them or you, but you did good this session, Toonzie.

  25. Omg what scarcrow protects lettuce??? Haha

  26. Who else thought of Delirious when "teddy bear" was one of the choices and was glad that Toonz thought of him too?

  27. Okay, you do not make jokes on that subject. Anne Frank was an actual person in the midst of one of the most horrible situations of all time. Disliking this video and not watching the rest of it; anyone who tells me to "calm down, it's just a joke" needs to look up the amount of anti-Semitic attacks in the world just last year and realize what an absolute asshole you are.

  28. 10:18 – I literally Lost it that was seriously Funny Right There. 😂😂😂

  29. Rewatching this now and just thought that I would LOVE to see Toonz play this with Jihi! She's such an amazing artist so I think she would be good at this.

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