WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DRAWING!? - Skribblio Funny Moments! - nunchuckgames.com

WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DRAWING!? – Skribblio Funny Moments!

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  1. Their group is like Jonah Hill from Superbad, obsessed with drawing a penis

  2. Love the Andy Griffith music in the background lol

  3. Panpipes are a type of musical instrument

  4. I actually think that Wildcat cheats that this game some how?

  5. who ever edited this video is cancer! stop cutting so much out!

  6. 6:30 “Mount Rushmore with little Mount Fuckmore right to the right side”
    — Wildcat. 😂😂

  7. wait are you playing the Andy Griffin theme in the background? if so, thats amazing

  8. This was so funny, especially when ya'll mess with Ohm. Lmao.

  9. pan pipes are a musical instrument even i knew that lol 😉

  10. I'm actually deaf in my in my right ear..

  11. I was dying at the wings of redemption part, was not expecting to hear that name again

  12. I came cause I was told all my favorite YouTubers were gonna be here I was not disappointed (I love it when there’s a lot of people in the videos)

  13. "The pursuit of perfect sound" overlapping a farting butt drawing….

  14. I got a joke for ya where are cows udders:udderneath badanshhh

  15. Omg whistling background doing is the Andy Griffith show theme song from the 50s. I’m probably the only person here that knows that lol.

  16. I'm surprised all of them are not banned from playing this game due to all the phallic images they draw.

  17. angelina jolie has killer cheek bones smh i would have known her immediately by those cheek bones

  18. Dude fuck your editing. Show the damn word, why do you cut clips like this. It's like this in many videos, not even just yours. I know your trying to show as many funny things in as little time as possible, but the joke is funnier with context if you follow what I'm sayin…

  19. All the British population calls it that. You dumb fuck

  20. Lmao 15:53 “ WELL GIMME SOME CLEAVAGE, I WANNA SEE SOME TITTIES” lmao I’m crying

  21. The deaf one looks like fester from the Adams family

  22. Hey marcel, if you are going to cut to another drawing before we see the end where it says the word, at least zoom in or blow up on the area that you type in.

  23. "Everybody guesses it, we all get points, EVERYBODY WINS!"
    – Big Communist Panda, 2018

  24. Anybody realize that the background music is the Andy Griffith theme song? Like, it's really faint, but it's there.

  25. Am I the only one who thinks 407 is annoying? Oh I am? Okay.

  26. kryoz at 15:54 saying he wants to see some cleavage makes me choke every single time

  27. why was some of the words not shown then gone into another round like why cant I know the word then whats the point of guessing?

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