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We LOVE Minecraft, DOTA & Pokémon! (Skribblio)

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  1. Ah I'm so glad you guys slapped the cameras over the letters so we can all join along at home…

  2. Tyvm for covid content you charities. You keep my boat afloat 👌

  3. Liked, subbed, faved, double commented, etc

  4. oh good my shameful drawings are now immortalised in this video lmao

  5. Please leave the blanks visible in next time so we can guess! 😁

  6. I just wanna eat Mochi like a marshmallow.

  7. Covering the word spaces makes it hard to try to play along.

  8. I did get the Mochi one eventually, hahaha, love it! Cut 'em some slack tho Smith, dogs are hard to draw maaaan, hahaha

  9. @0:30 I k know what it is a donut or a glory hole 😂😂😂👏

  10. Trott said it's not balls 😂😂😂👏👏 trott always makeing me laugh

  11. The camera positioning is pretty bad because we cant SEE THE FUCKING LETTERS bois!

  12. how do I always miss their Skribblio streams? hahah

  13. I'd love to play some DotA with Smith. That would make my life

  14. I really enjoy your other Skribblio videos, but covering up the clues ruins it for me.

  15. herobrine, famous for having black eyes yes.

  16. yes i love it when our Hat Daddies play these guys it gets so cheeky and naughty. so much fun and laughs.

  17. Playing along is half the fun in skribblio videos, disappointed.

  18. I think what I like best about Hat Films skribblio is the sense of community and shared jokes… Nah, it's the fact that everyone draws massive knobs on every drawing.

  19. Can’t play along lads!! I know it’s cos of a stream but defeats the purpose

  20. ok hat films, we get it, we won't make you play skribblio again

  21. the fact they had goblin (pedguin) then mochi, who they said looked like a cat "oh my god its a cat" Pedguin about mochi. cat has 3 letters, illuminati confirmed

  22. can you guys please play more prop hunt. I loved when you used to play that

  23. this would of had quadruple the views if it was on hat films, good business choice guys 🙂

  24. What the hell was that at1:33? This seems like a poorly edited video which is unlike you boiks

  25. Almost half of these didn’t have dicks and I’m honestly disgusted

  26. Guys you realize all their vids are streamed right?

  27. You guys remind me that it's ok to fail and not to eat a gun yet.

  28. This video feels like a compilation of children's nightmare drawings

  29. I'd watch this if it was just the 3 of them. It's shit with all the other random people in it

  30. Whoever drew the "husk" and "stray" should've drawn an actual minecraft husk and stray.

  31. Wait, the boiks still make the trailers for Minecraft updates?

  32. how I long for the day that all their webcams will coordinate

  33. In case anyone was curious – "Stray" and "Husk" were probably both from the Minecraft wordlist – they're variations of the skeleton and zombie mobs that spawn in snowy biomes and desserts.

  34. just the thing i wanna see today. Well.. listen to because i can´t stand those ugly mugs

  35. Can you not just delay your streams 10-15 seconds to stop people cheating?

  36. Um…ACTUALLY Charizard is Fire Flying type, not a Dragon thank you 😛

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