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  1. So many good moments in this vid! I love that your collaborating with these guys and making awesome content. Good job syncing up the other streamers on this vid cause it was awesome to see the reactions. I'm starting to be fans of some of these guys too! Awesome content!! Loving the stream and these vids Harrie!

  2. Vik's attempt at drawing the Scottish flag is still killing me 😂

  3. I’ve just found your channel and you deserves so many more subscribers! Keep up the great videos

  4. This was the best stream I’ve ever watched, you guys need to do more drinking streams and skribblio! Also Harrie you and the crew deserve knighthoods for keeping us sane during multiple lockdowns

  5. Vik was an absolute gem in this vid bless him! 😆😆

  6. Never knew Vincent Van Gogh was still alive

  7. harrie be drawing the double helix connected by bases

  8. Best thing about this is that now I know other left-handed people 😂

  9. "I don't know flags" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Also Jack with the 'it's a Little Mix's song"! We have a mixer here!

  10. Omg this video was so funny 😂😂😂 I’m loving the videos you have been putting out especially recently ❤️ xx

  11. Another banger of a video, you really deserve so much more subs, one of my favourite YouTubers/Streamers atm

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