WEE CNAT SPEEL VRY GEWD! | Skribbl.io: Pictionary Game (w/ H2O Delirious, Ohm, & Squirrel) - nunchuckgames.com

WEE CNAT SPEEL VRY GEWD! | Skribbl.io: Pictionary Game (w/ H2O Delirious, Ohm, & Squirrel)

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Outro Song: “Watching Cartoons” – Jay Allen


  1. Squirrel's razor blade was actually pretty on point.

  2. The thumbnail is adorable. I love that smile.

  3. I was literally able to guess everything they drew on round 5/5 lmao

  4. I just kept thinking, didn't any of you watch the Mickey Mouse club? M I C… K E Y…. MOUSE so yeah you have rodent faces the lot of you roflmao

  5. You didn't show when you hit the word rail…. why?

  6. Who else red the title normally or was that just my

  7. No one:

    Me: dying from delirious's dummy thicc lines

  8. Delirious’ voice truly intrigued me. Sometimes he talks and it sounds like a completely different person

  9. I loved: “It kinda looks like a doctor” and “All I see are dots” 🤣😅

  10. I love the animations of your outro, so cute❤️

  11. of i cna raed tis i gvae a porbelm , bit a gidi porbelm beacues it weaidr

  12. If I was playing this I'd be hogging all the points, I guessed all of them before they did LMAO

  13. Am I weird or was I the only one that said ah man when cartoonz pepper

  14. Anyone else notice how they skipped cartoons drawing rail? Lol

    Im almost thinking he did it naughty

  15. It's 1 am, 2 years after this video was posted and I'm here fucking dying at spelling Frankenstein…

  16. It's alarming how bad Delirious is at spelling and how bad squirrel is at drawing lol

  17. I almost didn't click this video… im very happy I did now

  18. 27:57

    Delirious guessed it quick af🤣…. now he’s an actual dad🥺🥺

  19. Toonz: ALEXA! Spell mustache
    Alexa: spells it with clear hearable audio
    Toonz: hey guys theres no o
    delirious: dafuq there is an o guys I'm telling you

  20. I'm dying right now o my god I'm finna have a hart attack I'm laughing my face off

  21. I thought the moth was a cheeseburger 🤣🤣 Omg delirious is f'n hilarious…..I can't spell it☠

  22. I would love to see jihi play this with you guys😍

  23. Is anyone gonna talk about how squirrel draws his arrows 😂 😂

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