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Welcome to Function Squad | Geometry Dash Skribbl.io

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A bunch of idiots from Function Squad play Geometry Dash Skribbl.io. Absolutely normal. Nothing weird.

Music used in the video:

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– I don’t own any of the music in any shape, way, or form.


  1. i open the video, watch it for about 20 seconds and read the discord: "i hate jews""nostalgic ni-""hitler is typing"💀💀💀

  2. 5:48 nerd mode activated 🤓 umm actually Phobos is the name of one of Mars’s moons.

  3. “The man behind the slaughter” got me really good 😂😂😂

  4. There needs to be an extreme called void cave now

  5. I WISH I WAS THERE BUT SCHOOL IS DUMB 😭 please tell me yall make another one

  6. My voice text colour thing changes in the middle of the video lmao

  7. critical error bwowwowowow wowowowowow wowowowowow wowowowoowowo WEEWEEWEE dudududu WEOWEOWEOW DYUUUU wowowwowowowow

  8. When are you doing another one, I gotta join this time

  9. i made the list

    can't believe i missed it hadghadsgkhjafds

  10. this had absolutely no reasoning being as funny as it was LMAO

  11. u should add some music, it feels kinda empty

  12. I don’t care if this was made 2 years ago, this was hilarious

  13. Almost a year online and no 100k views and 10k subs??? YouTube how dare u give this man with his fun videos no subs

  14. this mght just bethe funniest viedo ive ever watched

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