Welcome To The Great Burial Reefer! -SKRIBBLIO - nunchuckgames.com

Welcome To The Great Burial Reefer! -SKRIBBLIO

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  1. I was eat ramen noodles when I heard scuba lessons and I laughed so hard, I spat my noodles back in the bowl

  2. That's the kind of content i want to see more and more.
    Btw draw more Homer

  3. they dont know what miniclip is? smh truly legendary

  4. Hey Marsello it’s one of mr Roos students

  5. Burial Reefer is what my boys will be smoking at my funeral.

  6. Dear god marcel, just sound it out. Liberty isn’t that hard to spell, like it’s on par with saltwater

  7. The giggle fits are real.
    Hard not to laugh so hard when everyone is asleep.
    I love all of you guys.
    Thank you for the laughs.
    Happy Easter 🐇🐣🐰
    Bunny 🐰 hugs 🤗
    Gg fellas

  8. Angelina Jolie’s one was the best

  9. They uploaded the video on 420 and talked about weed😂

  10. I’m watching this on 4/20 and I can’t stop laughing😂 I think I smoked too much barrier reefer

  11. …no one called it "grass" in the 90's…. Well maybe the older gentleman that called it that in the 70's. As a teen in the 90's we called it weed or bud..

  12. The shrek homer at the end made me fall to the floor 🤣🤣🤣

  13. The hillbilly part had my ribs hurting😂😂😂😂😂

  14. This vid had me dying the whole time! 😂🙏 Great content Marcel, and sorry for not showing you as much love as the others of late. But you still ma boi 👊

  15. I totally guessed Panda's Vision drawing before he was even done with the eyes.

  16. why am i fucking dying at 4:18 ? i fukcing seeeeee youuuuuuu

  17. Hey a non fortnite video posted by marcel

  18. I just wanna point out Mr. Jiggles has actually a GREAT Joker laugh I mean put this man into the next animated film with Joker and you have your nomination my guy im actually serious. PUT SOME WORK INTO THAT JOKER LAUGH AND YOULL BE THE NEXT ANIMATED JOKER

  19. I think this is arguably the funniest video I've ever watched

  20. Jigglie’s drawing of vision looks like dimples from Mob Psycho 100

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