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What The Sheet Podcast Episode 9 | Critical Role Skribblio

Nico Neilson
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WTS Cast:

TP Burrow – …

Soda Wax -…

GammaAlanna –

Nico Neilson –

Special Guest:

Maya –


A handful of us content creators for Critical Role are going to be starting our very own D&D game that will be streamed live at

Our 1st session is set to air May 2nd at 6pm cst

DM – Alanna – @GammaAlanna on Twitter – GammaAlanna on Youtube
Kirrily – @kirrilyburnett on Twitter – Soda Wax on YouTube
Phil – @burrow_phil on Twitter – TP Burrow on YouTube
Maya – @critrolememes on Twitter – @criticalrolememes on Instagram
Me – @Unicco1 on Twitter – Nico Neilson on YouTube

Be sure to follow @HitDiceHeroes on Twitter for updates and sneak peaks as we draw closer to the premiere!

We’re all super excited for this and we hope to see you all there!


  1. OMG your Lorenzo had me cackling! He is smiling so big! This was a lot of fun y'all! I think I'm gonna try and do this with my DnD group! Thanks for sharing!

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