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when 20 geoguessr pros play skribblio

rainbolt clips
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when 20 geoguessr pros play skribbl.io


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  1. The fact that everyone got ghana correct

  2. Sweden keeping you big as hell

  3. Normal people would guess “countryside” or “road” but only rainbolt would guess country in like 10 seconds

  4. Honestly though what makes the first one sweden and not estonia. Outer dashes and green.

  5. Rainbolt could pee into the snow and know where he is based off how the snow evaporates…

  6. Not scared of him, but the seemingly 5 people who have more points than him 😭

  7. bro i will edit this to something really weird if you pin and comment yes

  8. i want to learn your abilities and then use them for evil

  9. How did they understand that this was Yakutsk? I’m from Yakutsk but I don’t understand

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