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when 20 geoguessr pros play skribblio

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when 20 geoguessr pros play skribbl.io


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  1. As a Japanese, I still do not understand how did he manage to guess Hokkaido.

  2. ŞANLIURFA🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  3. Bro how do I send u images to guess their location?????
    Can anybody tell me?

  4. This is the most extreme niche content i have ever seen and its incredible.

  5. This was honestly a super fun video to watch when you all played. Please do it again!

  6. Dude is our last chance against AI domination 😂

  7. This is levels of autism that I can’t believe exist, thankful for it tbh

  8. wtf is so unique about that damn road that makes it Hokkaido??? Like what

  9. "Base on where you mouse is going I confirm this is Germany in the country side meeting you there in 5 minutes"

  10. The dude who put Japan for Hokkaido is definitely not top 20 bro . I’d believe it if he was top 100 but definitely not top 20 man

  11. So do they just draw the first image that would pop up in these locations on geoguessr? That’s the only way I could see them getting it this fast, by looking at visual cues they probably use in geoguessr

  12. have you been everywhere in the world

  13. How did bro guess hokkaido so quick 💀💀

  14. It’s 2 lines how are they even guessing lol

  15. How tf are you guessing specific places based off of child drawings. Just why

  16. I read "when 20 gorgeous pros play skribblio" 💀

  17. One is named "trichter" which is the German word for hopper

  18. AI would never beat this geoguessr level

  19. Earth need an update, natural disaster or world's end are a good choice

  20. This is craaaazy, I cannot. Yall need to solve crimes and stuff..

  21. Atp my drawing could be of a country 😂

  22. “Geoguessers”. I never knew this was even a thing.

  23. Bro, they guessed West Bank as if that's a country

  24. Hokkaido is an island in Japan, so while it’s still baffling as to how he got it, I’m more flabbergasted by him accurately guessing Maun… which is a town in Botswana.

  25. There's literally no way that somebody knows wtf country you're drawing just by looking at some extremely crudely half drawn road this is such fucking cap🤣

  26. Wtf how in t he world was that hokkaido

  27. Bros waiting for a earth update he completed the game

  28. imagine, AI will know your location just with your photo

  29. How tho they just make 2 lines and they just instantly guess? I dont understand

  30. I went to high school in Maun, Botswana and even i had no clue 😂😂

  31. Anyone ever notice what a beautiful smile and eyes Rain bolt has?! Just sayin, brains and looks 👌🏻

  32. This is scripted. If you have an explanation how they find out what the image is, keep it to yourself, because I for sure won't believe you. This is scripted, they all know the answer beforehand, and this knowledge allows me to sleep soundly at night.

  33. This guy should play geoguessr, I think he would be pretty good at ot

  34. That just shows they memorized the pics no?

  35. That just shows they memorized the pics no?

  36. Everyone spamming with the zionist terrorist organization "israel" is wrong. That's a terrorist organization and not a location or a country.

  37. היה ישראל בחיפושים שלהם

  38. Bro these people were typing every country and state they knew in the chatbox and that too in a few seconds!!!!

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