When your friends bully you by drawing a super ugly picture that looks just like you - Skribbl.io - nunchuckgames.com

When your friends bully you by drawing a super ugly picture that looks just like you – Skribbl.io

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Skribbl.io Funny Moments that make you haha real good
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/Song – Bubblin

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  1. I love the way johns videos are edited, the edits and animations flow so smoothly, 13/10 do like 😎

  2. you kinda bullied yourself by saying that the ugly drawings look like you.

  3. Ain't nobody gunna talk about how good kryoz draws?

  4. Beginning: Ugh, Fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp. Come here! O///O



  6. this thumbnail is what it feels like to be 19

  7. Nah fan that drawing is more handsome than you. Be lucky they drew the prettier version of you

  8. This really hits different after PogChamp got removed. It was removed for good reason, but still sad at the least. RIP

  9. The video next to this one is duke nukem saying I’m here to sh*t *ss

    I’m censoring it because youtube will take down my comment if I dont

  10. someone make a compilation of all the times Scotty says "i hate you" to John

  11. Innocent and catholic dont belong in the same sentence unless you mean catholics take innocence 😛

  12. "fuck you dude i type much gooder than you"
    kryoz 2018

  13. 6:56 that was the Crazy Diamond punch sound effect right?

  14. I have a picture like that one of my friends drew me. It's fuckin hilarious

  15. I remember being so hyped when this came out. It still holds up. Such a good video

  16. Armillidillo😂
    Armillillidilloilloillo XD

  17. Hey, quick question, why is Michael Jackson saluting?

  18. 3:05 god DAMN tfw you rage so hard your mic and internet connection make you sound like Nogla!

  19. Rewatching because it’s such an amazing video

  20. I know it’s been years. But these videos are great and I wish more people would play this game

  21. 11:31 armillidillo, peak of Terrorriser’s intellect, love how Matt points it out 😂

  22. I never knew that's what you looked like, I've only found this channel like yesterday so it makes sence

  23. Ngl before they added the rings to the drawing of kryoz, all I could think was " stressed Issac Newton"

  24. I wish I'd have found your channel sooner. This made my day. I love your humor.

  25. I can't believe scribblio was 4 years ago already.

  26. an old video without mini you love to see it

  27. part of me misses this john, but another part of me is scared that if this john met the modern john, they'd kill each other

  28. Kryoz taking forever to get to the point 😅

  29. 6:01 on one hand, you feel bad for John, especially the sad sounding music and the camera zoom in affects… but on the other hand it's funny as shit. I'm so sorry,john😂

  30. 5 years later and this video stands the test of time

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