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Who is the BEST skribblio Player in Cloud9 LoL? – skribblio Challenge

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It’s time for another Cloud9 team bonding activity – this time featuring skribbl.io! Who is the BEST at drawing & guessing League of Legends-themed nouns? Find out by watching this challenge video!

Our contestents: Licorice, Blaber, Nisqy, Zven, and Vulcan!

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  1. Lmao can we get the list D; i want to play this list XD

  2. nisqy knows FNC's logo better than Rekkles

  3. how C9 LOL spends their time waiting for their finals opponent

  4. So this is how the boys have such great synergy? Absolute game changer.

  5. that was hilarious and i agree Vulcan was the best xD

  6. Watch with the word covered. 2x the experience.

  7. Licorice heimer drawing was honestly so good

  8. After watching fnatic do this, I was waiting for this!

  9. Can someone explain to me the 0/10/0 part with Yasuo?

  10. Was hoping someone would get to draw doublelift so we could see a quality trashcan drawing

  11. 5:30 I was honestly expecting zven do draw a dead doublelift under the viktor laser

  12. Tell me why it looked like Nisqy was googling every time he drew XD

  13. as a talon main I'm offended lmaooo blaber wtf was that

  14. This is the most delightful wholesome content – please do C9 game night (or C9 scribbl.io) again sometime!

  15. When they wrote "Nisqy" when talon showed up. Their 6th sense activated lmaooooo

  16. Nisqy saying "WHAT" so much I thought he was senile

  17. Challenge: take a shot everytime anyone says "what"

  18. fnatic players vs c9 players on scribbl pleaseee

  19. they have such good mouse control in game then this is what drawings they come up with in skribblio??? XD

  20. Vulcan is quick mental; it shows outside of league as well! It actually baffles me how bad Zven and Blabber are tho ngl.

  21. Should have not displayed the word until the end. To see if we could guess

  22. Cloud 9 line up: Shroud, Skadoolde, n0thing, automatic, tarik

  23. Yeah, after this I can clearly see that Vulcan was worth 1.75 million USD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  24. Guess you can become a pro even if you're a 90 IQ ape

  25. Team Liquid: having internal issues and communication problems among virtuosos

    Cloud 9: Playing Skribblio

    And C9 Nisqy: WHAAAT

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