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Yassuo 2
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  1. Legend has it that he's still gifting subs til today.

  2. lowkey made me wanna go watch the dom moe and manipulator streamer showdown

  3. wait he actually thought of Barcelona, respect. (even though the flag isn't like that)

  4. Title would have been more accurate if it was Moe DaCaprio I think.

  5. this video is oo good this channel is goated

  6. this is the best content out of you in 2 years

  7. Losing 500 bucks to a Leonardo de 'Caprio pepelaugh

  8. Moe so bad other player need to steamsnipe him in order to answer it

  9. i need more of that better than a fking netflix

  10. In what way did he mess up origami and said krav maga

  11. probably one of the best videos i;ve seen in a long time from your channel xD

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