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  1. Poor RT. Such a wholesome lad, doesn't belong with such crudedudes as The Yogs and Hatfilms!

  2. So stupid, yet unsurprisingly fucking funny

  3. I really dislike rt games mainly because of his teeth

  4. These are the same guys that literally don't stop talking about the demonetization of their videos. Guys you are way better than this kind of content. This isn't even funny.
    30 somethings laughing at poor drawings of dicks.

  5. They should get the whole office to submit words without the lads seeing. Have Craig or someone fill them in.

  6. Aww man I’m literally screaming because none of them got “holy fucking shit.” Ross’s drawing for that was so good and I actually was able to guess it

  7. This was great. Reminds me of a game called "Times Up" played on games night channel. Making up custom answers is hilarious.

  8. Damn I RT looks different from the picture I had in my head, love his smile

  9. TBH the thing I get most from this is that Barry is a terrible person.

  10. I feel like RT is gonna be moving into the office within 6 months

  11. Welcome rt this is the yogscast in a NUT shell

  12. weird thing to notice but… has ross had some of his upper teeth removed??

  13. Don’t understand any of the complaints in the comments.
    The ”failed” words just makes it entertaining, who the fuck cares if it’s correct or fair.
    The ”immaturity” is a part of Hat Films, it’s nothing new. You don’t like it? Leave.
    Them complaing about views/demonitisation? They know what they’re doing, they accept that they are niche.
    RTgame being uncomfortable? Ehhhhhh, no. You haven’t seen discomfort.
    Disliking RTgame? Well, that’s up to you of course, but it’s not like he’s gonna be in Hat videos forever. They filmed a bulk while he was over, it’ll pass.

  14. Idk why sooo many people are complaining, it’s their channel, they are having fun, stfu

  15. If you're going to add to the list you should have someone else add to it so you guys don't know what they are

  16. Probably one of the funniest Hatfilms vids you've made, do this again🤣🤣🤣

  17. I want more of this. So funny. I would have other people in the office choose the works so Hat Films and whom ever else they invite wont know the list.

  18. that anime girl LOL.. had to rewatch to see it.. then was extra funny

  19. kinda feel sorry for dan, he looks like hes from hufflepuff.

  20. Although you're adding to the list – don't you DARE fix "spder"

  21. Of all the spelling mistakes "spder" is definitely the best one that could have been made, haha
    Also, I like RT, he seems pretty cool from what I've seen in these past few videos! If you guys play any more Uno, maybe you could invite him as one of the guests, I think that would be fun!

  22. I love the Yogscast but they have fucked Me over 🙁

  23. "Elf porn is fucking hot" is my new favorite Barry quote.

  24. Please donate money to RT Gaming so that he can buy braces.

  25. Oh my God, I wasn't expecting RT to be so adorable! His lil smile!

  26. I wonder why they don't have more female subscribers, and haven't hit 1mil yet….?

    oh, now it makes sense!

  27. This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen this year.

  28. There’s more cunts & crying in the comments than usual.

  29. This is trash and I fuccin love it, keep up the Christmas content bois

  30. Can you not have a face cam for that "RT Game" creature? The sight of him/her/it makes me feel physically ill.

  31. I am left with the conclusion of pulling the plug on my grandmother who suffers from frontotemporal dementia. She spent Christmas demanding that I kill her but I just can't do it, especially after spending Christmas trying to help her out the whole time. I feel like a failed grandson and especially now that I have to end the life of the person who raised me throughout most of my youth.

  32. If you're going to add to the list you should have someone else add to it so you guys don't know what they are..kinda stupid

  33. Holy fuck when did Harry’s hair get so long?!

  34. Holy shit Harry's hair and beard omg
    He looks like a skinny version of Hagrid

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