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ZF Skribblio Disaster (Edberg Birthday Bash)

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, but just so you know – My birthday was in april, this is from my birthday event then 😀 <3

  2. Happy Birthday my dude, be happy and healthy always

  3. Happy birthday Edberg!!!! Have a good one!

  4. That Double-Chin one was both brilliant and stupid simultaneously!

  5. Happy birthday Edberg! Same birthday as my friend

  6. Happy Birthday Edberg, love your singing voice btw.

    Also What kind of persons eats soup with a Knife and Fork?

  7. I will never play charades with you XD damn boi!

  8. Holy shit Jack! You are the legend!

    Harry continues to show his ass. SMFH.

  9. 8:20 Croatia Pog we get some recognition in games after all, also happy birthday

  10. Omg I remember this!! I laughed so hard!!! There was a telephone game after! That stream was the best! Lmao

  11. Tbf, a blue flamingo would look better than a normal one (imo)

  12. Edberg, can you please kindly tell Sheep that for what he did at 11:09 he is a f*****’ genius! That was a 200IQ level play, make no mistakes!

  13. "2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate!? eEeEeDbeeErg!" – Soviet

  14. I'm wondering if you had many sessions untill you had the footage.
    Cause this is GOLD.

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